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Experience and Commitment



I'm Theresa Barreiro, proudly serving as Kane County Board Member for District 2 and now stepping forward as a candidate for Circuit Clerk. My journey began with a simple announcement among close ones, evolving into a county-wide mission to listen and understand the needs of our residents. The message was clear: our community seeks a Circuit Clerk who is innovative, transparent, and deeply committed to efficiency and public service.

In my tenure as a board member, I've championed transparency, scrutinized budgets to protect our county's financial health, and opposed proposals against our community's best interests. With a solid grasp of the Circuit Clerk's office's pivotal role, I am set to enhance service delivery and foster a culture of accountability and collaboration.

My vision for the Circuit Clerk's office is built on a foundation of open communication, improved court fee collection processes to alleviate property tax burdens, and a strategic plan to address the growing issue of outstanding accounts payables. I'm dedicated to implementing best practices and establishing a system of checks and balances that support the judiciary's needs effectively.

As your next Circuit Clerk, I promise to leverage my comprehensive experience to serve Kane County's residents with integrity, bringing about a transparent, efficient, and accountable office. Let's join hands in creating a future where our legal system sets a benchmark for excellence and accessibility.


To transform the Kane County Circuit Clerk's office into a beacon of transparency, efficiency, and innovation, where every decision and action is guided by the principles of accountability and service to the community. By fostering open communication, refining operational processes, and prioritizing fiscal responsibility, we will create a judicial support system that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our residents. Together, we will ensure that justice and administration in Kane County are conducted with the highest standards of integrity and public trust.


Openness and Accountability

As Circuit Clerk, I will continue to prioritize transparency and accountability in all aspects of the office. I will continue to work to establish clear communication channels with residents and stakeholders, and provide regular updates on office activities and initiatives. My goal is to continue to ensure that the office operates with the highest level of integrity and efficiency.

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