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GPS/EHM Monitoring

In 2018 the Kane County Board eliminated funding for the electronic home monitoring system.  What this essentially did was removed the ability of a judge to place someone out on parole rather than in jail either prior to sentencing or as their sentence.  This would allow the individual to got to school, and or work.  But, the sheriff's office would know where they were at all times so that would not repeat offend.  In my professional opinion this made no sense, especially financially.  Of course the blame was directed to the chief judge for not squeezing out $700,000.00 from her budget.

I have always been a strong advocate for the employees throughout Kane County.  Yes it's important to maintain a good credit bond rating.  Yes it's important to maintain a good budget.  But when services are cut with the public led to believe there isn't any finances or your taxes will increase is a blatant lie.  There are funds that would need to be rearranged, there are funds that if dipped into would not lower our bond rating.

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